A kingdom way to celebrate birthdays

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In 2012, K.L.A started a different approach to celebrating birthdays. In addition to the usual festivities of singing “Happy Birthday” and cutting the cake, an affirmation was included which was well received by everyone.

What is an affirmation?

To “affirm” means to:-

  1. Strengthen your hand in God
  2. To endorse you for greatness

The best things said about us, are said at our funeral. People spend their whole lives, never knowing how much their love ones appreciate them and what they admire about them. Why is this the case? Frankly, it’s because it just seems like such an awkward conversation to have. The Kingdom way of Celebrating birthdays is a framework that removes the awkwardness and allows people to not only feel appreciated but also gives them insight into their strengths and empowers them.

Click on the below link to view our manual on how to celebrate birthdays in this way.

A kingdom way to celebrate birthdays

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