Hand Mime

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Every year our Church has an open day / appreciation day where the different departments contribute to the event by doing a play, dance etc.

Last year the Youth did a Hip Hop Style dance so this year we were looking for something a bit different. I found videos on Youtube of Hand Mimes done by other Churches and decided that we were going to do it this year.

What do you need?

  1. White Gloves for each person.
  2. UV Florescent Light

Finding the gloves at a resonable price turned out to be quite a mission as wedding gloves were too expensive (R60 per pair), we eventually found the gloves for R10 per pair from “Bargain Basket” in Durban. The next obstacle was the UV light, which we eventually found at a hardware store for R80.


Here’s some pictures of us practicing:

Check out the Video on YouTube.

Hand Mime – Who Am I

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