Step 1: Basic requirements for creating a church website

Creating a website sounds complicated because website designers and developers unintentionally use jargon that makes it seem complicated.

You will need the following to create a website:

  1.  A company to host your website
  2. A Domain Name (eg.
  3. A Content Management System
  4. A website layout template

What does hosting a website mean?

Let’s think of the internet as a shopping mall and a website as a store. In order to run your store you need to rent a

Basic requirements for creating a website

The internet is like a shopping mall and websites are it’s stores. A domain name is the name of your store in the mall.

space in a shopping mall. Basically, website hosting is renting space to create your website. The cost of the monthly hosting (i.e rental) is based on the size of the space required. Generally speaking, standard websites don’t need a lot of space and website hosting is generally under R100 per a month. We charge R50 per standard website per a month.

What is a Domain Name?

Each “store” in the mall has a shop number. For example, Shop 6A might sell shoes but 6A is not very memorable and doesn’t tell the customer what the store sells. So shop 6A might have a name like Simply Shoes, this is how a domain name works.

When you host your website, you are allocated a number but the number must have a name attached to it so that it’s memorable. So you can name your website, or or whatever you prefer that is available.

What is a content management system?

All stores have public areas that shoppers have access to and staff areas that are off limits to shoppers but imperative to the functioning of the store. If a website is like a store in a shopping mall then a content management system is the area in the store that only staff can access.

Once you have an account created with a website hosting company and purchased a domain name, you need a content management system. It’s basically the system that you use to create and update your website. We offer wordpress as it’s the easiest to setup and update. WordPress is used on millions of websites and is the most popular content management system used by professional website designers. Other hosting companies offer other types of CMS that no professional designers use, the problem with this is that if in a year or two you decide to revamp your website and have the budget to hire a designer then the designer won’t use these systems and will have to start from scratch on wordpress. Thus costing you more in the long run.

What is a website layout template?

Website designers use templates or build a design from scratch and this can be very expensive. After creating websites for businesses over many years, I’ve found that there are a few layouts that produce the best results so I’ve created website layouts as templates that you can uploaded to your website. It’s unreal how much time this saves as all the coding is already in there and you don’t have to worry bout anything except customizing it to suit your branding.

Layout with Slider

My favorite is the layout of this site, it’s simply yet very effective. The slider is a great sales tool. It grabs the visitors attention quickly by telling them about your site in a visual manner which improves results dramatically.

Layout with iBoxes

This layout is similar to the above template but uses iboxes instead of the slider to attract visitors to certain website pages.

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