How to build a church website

Everyone church needs a website. But to many, the cost of creating a website makes it impossible.

Now for the good news,  you can create a website yourself. Times have changed,  you don’t have to understand servers neither do you need to know any coding. If you know how to point and click with a mouse then you can create a church website.

If it’s so easy, why is website development so expensive?

Life is expensive and so is running a business. Website designers are not intentionally trying to rip people off, they need to make money as well. Labour is expensive and they charge according to the time required. If you can afford it and don’t have the time then you should hire a website designer.

I started learning how to create a website when I wanted to start a business and I simply couldn’t afford to pay for a website designer. Since then I have created many websites and expanded my knowledge in this field. I eventually figured out the process and created shortcuts to make creating a website much easier and faster. This process and shortcuts is what I will share with you.

The information on this website is freely available to anyone. M.A.D Media hosts our website and can assist you with website hosting and domain registration if you would like to refer to use them.

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